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Gearing Up For RSD Black Friday 2017

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RSD Canada logo

Monday, October 16 update – Hey all you media suave record and CD lovers – Record Store Day Canada is also now on Facebook  CLICK HERE  and Twitter CLICK HERE.  Like and Follow and share.

September 26, 2017 – Yes it is coming – Record Store Day 2018.  Before it comes though, there is Black Friday Record Store Day on Friday November 24, 2017.

In preparation for these very special occasions in the life of independent record stores like Cheeky Monkey, and their valued customers, a new improved  official RSD website has been launched.  What is really exciting about it is that is for Canada’s participation in RSD.

CLICK HERE to check it out – and see Cheeky Monkey listed as an official fully pledged participating store yet again.

Little reminder of who we are at CHEEKY MONKEY and what we do… CLICK HERE


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