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Save the Cull Drain Bridge!

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WEDNESDAY JULY 10 UPDATE…   From Steve Loxton… Hi everyone,

I have an update to share with you… I had applied to speak to city council (as a private citizen) about the bridge at the upcoming July 15th regular council session. Also, Nathan Holth, had also agreed to return to Sarnia and had also applied to speak.

This morning we both got calls from the city clerk’s office, letting us know that the city engineering dept. had not yet completed its report for submission to council and that they are planning a second public information and input meeting before finalizing their position on the bridge.

Because of this, we were informed that an appearance by us before council would be premature at this time… There was no way for us to know this ahead of time, because the council meeting agenda is not released to the public until this Friday.

The focus now falls on the next public meeting to be held by the Engineering Dept. However, they are still accepting input from the public until July 12th, this Friday.

Many of you have already shared your memories, photos and desire that the bridge be reopened and preserved. Please take the time to copy and paste these sentiments into a quick e-mail to Mike Berkvens at the city engineering dept. right now, before the Friday deadline:

Mike Berkvens: or 519-332-0330-3283 x 3359

For my part, I promise to keep you all up to date on anything I hear, if you promise to share this group and keep inviting your friends, so that this bridge gets a fair shake and a chance to carry you once again.


Following public information is from Steve Loxton:

The Cull Drain Bridge (also known – mistakenly – as “Perch Creek Bridge”) is an historic, 103 year old, Warren Pony Truss bridge, located on Old Lakeshore Rd., near Telfer Side Road. It was designed and built in Sarnia by the Jenks & Dresser Bridge Co., precursor to the Sarnia Bridge Co. which helped build the original Bluewater Bridge. In October of 2012, the bridge was closed by the city, due to safety concerns and is now in danger of being demolished.

The city of Sarnia is currently seeking public input on what should be done about the bridge; removal, replacement, or refurbishment. Besides cost and engineering considerations, the decision is also tied to the question of access to the bridge, particularly on the eastern approach.
This bridge is in danger of being demolished.

Sarnia City Council will be meeting this Mon. July 15th and the fate of this bridge may very well be decided. I plan to address council on this matter and need your support!

If you care about preserving our cultural and built heritage, join this event to show city council your support for preserving this rare example of a locally built, historic truss bridge; still in its original, unaltered state; in a unique and scenic location, right next to Lake Huron; affording scenic views and wonderful photo opportunities.

If you are interested in the fate of this historic bridge, designed and built in Sarnia, by Sarnians, please feel free to also join the FB group and share your memories and photos:

CLICK HERE to add your thoughts and photos.

CLICK HERE to join the Facebook group.



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Steve Loxton says: July 9, 2013 at 11:06 pm | Reply

Learn the truth about the Cull Drain Bridge:

Write your city councillor and share this album on your wall!