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Trivia Q & A # 33 – 2017

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aug 19 chantelQ. This singer made her debut in 1997 with ‘Under These Rocks and Stones’ and was also featured on the ‘Armageddon’ soundtrack. Who is she?

A.  Chantal Kreviazuk comes from Winnipeg, Manitoba and began playing piano at the age of three and hence, the piano features quite significantly in the majority of her music. She first hit the music scene in a significant way in 1997 with her debut album ‘Under These Rocks and Stones’ (the album has already hit Double Platinum Sales in Canada), and has gained more international and particularly North American exposure with songs on the Armageddon soundtrack (a rendition of ‘I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane’) and on the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack project (a take on Randy Newman’s ‘Feels Like Home’).  Chantal performed the National anthems of the USA and Canada on October 11, 2000 at the NHL game between the New York Islanders and the Calgary Flames.

Chantal is married to the lead singer of Our Lady Peace, Raine Maida.  Kreviazuk met  Maida, at a Pearl Jam concert in Toronto in 1996. They married in December 1999, and have three sons: Rowan Michael (born January 2004), Lucca Jon (born June 2005), and Salvador ‘Sal’ Daniel (born June 2008). In honour of their tenth wedding anniversary, Kreviazuk and Maida renewed their wedding vows in Costa Rica in November 2009. The family lives in Toronto and also has a home in the USA.

aug 19 chan rainKreviazuk’s parents are Carol and John Kreviazuk. John Kreviazuk is a successful businessman, the founder and principal owner of Krevco Pools in Winnipeg. Kreviazuk is of Ukrainian descent from her father and maternal grandfather.

Chantal is the first cousin of businessman and philanthropist Josh Kreviazuk of Winnipeg, and is also the second cousin of curler and 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts champion Alison Kreviazuk.  MA NOTE: her uncle was the hydro inspector that came from London to inspect and pass the Cheeky Monkey building during renovations.

Her third album, What If It All Means Something, was released in 2002. This album also featured multiple collaborations with Maida. The first single, “In This Life”, was a hit in Canada . Kreviazuk performed the song live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Besides the above mentioned songs on soundtracks her song have also been on , Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, the pilot episode of the ABC romantic comedy/drama Men in Trees, the CBS drama Joan of Arcadia, and the ABC family movie Lucky 7.  Her song “This Year” was featured on the Serendipity soundtrack. In 2005, two new songs written and performed by Kreviazuk were also featured on the soundtrack of the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In 2006, “It’s All About a Kiss” played during the film Just My Luck. The song “Weight of the World” is also featured during the credits of the 2003 film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and in the us television series Wildfire.


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I knew that one! Love that song