Every record store owner is a frustrated rock star.

About Us

  • The Video Zone movie rental shop opened July 27, 2022 on Margaret Ave, Wallaceburg
  • Original store was a 20’ x 20’ foot with 113 titles for rent and 2 VCR’s
  • 4 month later Roland left job at Libby Container as an apprentice machine mechanic to work full time with Mary Anne at rapidly expanding business
  • 6 months later moved to much larger location on Dufferin Ave. in Wallaceburg
  • When movie ‘Eddie & The Cruisers’ come out on video (VHS), customers wanted soundtrack – so we accommodated by bringing in 6 copies on record
  • Soon outgrew 2nd location and moved into 3000 square foot location farther down Dufferin Ave with a third of the store dedicated to records and cassettes and CD’s
  • At The Video Zone’s peak staff consisted of 14 part time and 4 full time dedicated employees
  • 1999 closed The Video Zone doors on June 30 and moved everything to Sarnia
  • July 6, 2022 changed business from focusing on rentals and went retail only of music (CD’s & cassettes), movies (VHS & DVD and related “stuff”  as Cheeky Monkey located at 175 Christina St. N. Sarnia
  • FAQ – how we got our name? After 17 years with name Video Zone, many customers still didn’t realize we sold packaged music too – so we wanted a name that did not pigeon hole us.  While high on paint fumes from decorating our new location, we came up with Cheeky Monkey – at Cheeky Monkey you could sell anything and the name always makes people smile when they hear it.
  • June 21, 2022 purchased present location of 130 Christina St. corner of Cromwell making us proud stakeholders in Sarnia’s Downtown Cultural District
  • Now sell CD, DVD, BluRay and records (have come full circle) along with other music related items.

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