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Dad’s are soooo difficult to buy for. Let us help you with a few suggestions… more added each day - so check back often.

1) DVD or BluRay Gift Box Set of Band of Brothes/The Pacific - HBO’s 2001 miniseries “Band of Brothers” and the 2010 offering “The Pacific” are two of the most significant narrative works to emerge on the contemporary entertainment scene. Spearheaded by the powerhouse collective of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, these two massive enterprises showcase different aspects of the Great War.   The two actual miniseries, with all previously released bonus material, are carried over from the prior individual releases. Each disc houses two episodes (both Band of Brothers and The Pacific run ten episodes or five discs). Each miniseries then has a Bonus disc.  This makes up 12 DVDs and a thirteenth has a new documentary feature.
Principle bonus features carried over for Band of Brothers:
“We Stand Alone Together” Documentary
Ron Livingston’s Video Diary
“Making of” Featurette
Normandy Premiere Featurette
Principle Bonus Features carried over for The Pacific:
“Profiles of the Pacific” featurette
“Making the Pacific” featurette
“Anatomy of the Pacific War” featurette
On Blu-ray only: An Enhanced Viewing Mode Experience

New Documentary: “He Has Seen War.” This is a 53 minute feature that follows some of the veterans shown in both miniseries home as they reminisce about those homecoming experiences. It is bleak, sometimes painful, and a very emotional addition. It is very worthy to be seen

2) DVD Box Set - Jesse Stone - om Selleck is back as the rugged Jesse Stone. The former LAPD homicide detective now finds himself in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts as the new chief of police. However, small town doesn’t mean small crime. Based on the series of novels by Robert B. Parker, you can own seven of the television adaptations in one set. Included are: Innocents Lost, No Remorse, Thin Ice, Stone Cold, Sea Change, Night Passage, and Death in Paradise.

3)  Iron Maiden Hats & T-shirts - is your Dad going to see Iron Maiden at this years Bayfest?  Then we have the gear for him!   Several styles of t-shirts now in stock.  And hats to protect him from the hot sun in Centennial Park.






4) Canada Gear - Does Dad like to show the world he is a proud Canadian?  Canada Day is around the corner and you can help your Dad be THE best dressed man at the celebrations when he’s  at Canatra and Centennial Parks on Sunday July 1st.  Outfit him  in Canada T-shirts and bandana. We can help you dress up the house too with large large  Canada flags.  One-size-fits-all Bandana’s are perfect for man’s best friend also !





5)   CROSSROADS, EDDIE & THE CRUISERS - 2 great music related movies that are perfect for Dad’s

Eddie and the Cruisers came out in 1983 and did not do well in the box office but once released into video, it became a lion! It was just a “cool” premise and people fell in love with the lost Eddie. The music on this is fantastic, at least to lots of us. Michael Pare` embodies the songs he sings. Even knowing that it was John Cafferty singing, the voice was strangely similar to Pare`s natural speaking voice. At any other time, Cafferty doesn’t sound like this. So the movie was special in several ways and people loved it. Enough so that in 1989, Eddie and the Cruisers 2 was released with more of Cafferty’s music.  The movie has a lot of fire in it and great music along with subtle humor. They have been and always will be high on my list of favorite movies to re-watch. You do need, however, to believe in the old times and love rock and roll to enjoy them.

Crossroads - The legend of Mississippi blues master Robert Johnson has served as a fountainhead for generations of blues and rock musicians, as well as a powerful fable for the dark, often violent mysteries of delta blues. Johnson’s mythic deal with the Devil, in exchange for his extraordinary musical gifts, has become a fixture in blues lore and an example of the enduring pull of superstitions that can be traced back to Mother Africa and Yoruba deities. Producer-director Walter Hill (The Long RidersStreets of Fire) sought to put this uniquely American mystery on film, but when he was unable to secure a script devoted directly to Johnson himself, Hill bravely decided to proceed with a more oblique, allegorical story that retold the Satanic bargain through a fictionalized drama set in the present day. In this 1986 feature, the hero is Eugene, a classically trained guitar virtuoso pulled toward the earthier powers of blues. When he stumbles across a lost blues legend, Willie Brown (a real blues figure and Johnson peer known for his partnerships with Charley Patton and Son House, among others), Eugene begins an odyssey back to the delta country and the crossroads of the title, where both Willie and Johnson had traded their souls for blues power, to help the surviving bluesman renegotiate terms.

An opening sequence, shot in sepia-toned black and white, dramatizes Johnson’s own supernatural encounter, as well as one of the bluesman’s historic Texas recording sessions, and Hill’s visuals combine with frequent collaborator Ry Cooder’s reliably authentic slide guitar to offer a promising glimpse of cinematic conjury. Even the satanic villain-a grinning huckster named Scratch-honors the trickster figure familiar to African American superstitions, rather than a generic devil. Willie Brown (Joe Seneca) is likewise a convincing link to the blues past, but Hill’s central casting choice-Ralph (The Karate Kid) Macchio-sacrifices all for marquee value, a Hobson’s choice that casts a shadow of unintended parody across the film. Macchio’s earlier character, not Scratch, haunts this film, with a nifty duel between Eugene, his slashing fretwork supplied off-camera by Cooder, and Scratch’s ax-wielding henchman, heavy metal virtuoso, and one-time Frank Zappa protégé Steve Vai.

6) Rock Mugs - dozens of bands and styles to chose from priced at only $6.99 each.  Come packaged in a handsome gift box.   Dad’s morning cup of coffee will taste even better in a mug from his favourite band!








7) Music Magazine - we carry many different music related monthly magazines such as  Uncut, Mojo, Classic Rock, Wire, The Word and Metal Hammer.  Most come with a free sampler CD or DVD as well.  Give Dad the current issue or even better pre-pay for a years worth of his favourite publication!  By doing this you lock in the price  and he is guaranteed not to miss a month before it sells out.








8. )  Record Bowl - What could be more unique than a hand crafted bowl made from on old record.  These one of a kind decorative items are created right here at Cheeky Monkey by me.  They are perfect for the music loving Dad in your life.  Very useful gift as a ‘catch all’ for small items like coins and keys or just a good conversation piece sitting on a table or hanging on a wall.







9) Coca Cola by the Six Pack - Cheeky Charlie recommends ‘a Coke and a smile’ as a Father’s Day gift.  Cheeky Monkey is an official retail distributor for selling Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Sprite in GLASS BOTTLES.  Buy them individually for the official Coke retro cooler where they are chilled to the perfect temperature or buy it by the 6 pack at a discounted price and you chill it yourself.  You can mix and match the flavours.   Coke products are one of THE most collected items in the world.

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