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First Impressions of Alix Art Gallery

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Wednesday October 3, 2021 Roland and I had the pleasure of being two of the many downtown merchants and First Friday participants invited to a "sneak peek" at the new Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery. I should state for the record, the opinions given here are mine and mine alone. From talking to customers in the store and reading on-line blogs, I realize not everyone is excited by the new gallery. My view on that is that we (citizens of Sarnia) own some amazing pieces of art that deserve to be seen by everyone. For those not familiar with how we got this art collection, let me give you the thumbnail version of the Gallery's history. During WWI, yes World War I, a group of women raised money to help the war effort. When the war was over, they had money left and formed the Sarnia Women's Conservation Art Association (SWCAA). ...


Wall to Wall Weekend Music

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The weekend started out on the right note during the September First Friday.  Young singer and songwriter Elena Feick played all original songs she composed as the First Friday crowds moved around the room looking at the artwork of Jale Fancey. Elena's songs, though sung softly, carry much emotion and meaning in them.  Somewhat like the art of Jale.  All pieces are photographs she took that have been enlarged and printed onto stretched canvas.  Her favourite subject matter of nature are similtaniously calming and exciting to look at.  Also as part of her exhibit that is on display until the end of September, there are smaller matted versions and greeting cards for sale.  My personal picks are a group displayed together with fall colours.  Very timely indeed.  My other favourite is a close up of an intensly red Chrysanthemum.  It literally pops from the canvas. Following the First Friday comes Saturday of ...


June 2012 Gallery Walls

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It has become a tradtion for the month of June to have the artwork of the RE-Generation Gap Collective adorned the back walls of Cheeky Monkey.  2012 marks the third year running. The exhibit  spans the decades of creativity with artists of all ages on display.  Each year, there have been new members added to the Collective under the guidance of mentoring elder Jessie. JESSIE J. Rabbitt  has been painting and creating wonderful art pieces for over 50 years.  Her inspirations come from all directions of the country with her main talent being the ability to see and capture colours where most only see bleakness. BRENDAN SCHIEMAN is a  self-taught polymath fromSarnia,Ontario, Brendan has painstakingly crafted a regimented style influenced by analogous greats like Pushead, Arthur Rackham, Glenn Fabry, Ed Repka, and Caitlin Hackett. With his works frequenting record sleeves and other band related memorabilia, Brendan's medium consists of pen, ink and water-colour. Fuelled ...


Jim Chevalier & Friends Heat up May First Friday

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The air may have had a slight chill to it outside during the May 4th, 2012 First Friday, but the atmosphere was hot inside Cheeky Monkey thanks to Jim Chevalier, special guest Dave Miner along with the art of Adam Miner and Wendy Starr. Jim is always a true pleasure to hear perform but adding in Dave's guitar work and harmonies made the night's music even sweeter.  Going one step further, Adam Miner joined in with his guitar and vocals on a fab version of The Stones 'Wild Horses.' Adam's paintings also added to the heat of the night.  We at Cheeky Monkey were thrilled to host THE first public showing  of Adam's vibrant Neo expressionist styled art.  Not many of us knew that Adam even painted.  We thought his talent was in the music field as a writer, performer and producer.  His approach to painting is polar opposite to the way he ...