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AUDITIONS: War of the Worlds live-stream @ Imperial Theatre

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AUDITIONS:  War of the Worlds...

FROM IMPERIAL THEATRE: SATURDAY, AUGUST 22 UPDATE... 💥 We are blown away! Due to the overwhelming response, all our audition slots have filled up already. So when you send in an application to [email protected] we are going to be asking people to do pre-taped auditions to help us see everyone in a timely manner, as this project is on a time crunch. In our response email, we will coordinate with you the best format to film and send, etc. Thank you for your interest in this show! 👽 THURSDAY, AUGUST 2Oth From Imperial Theatre... Greetings, earthlings. We are embarking on a voyage and we want you to join us. For the foreseeable future, Theatre Sarnia and the Imperial Theatre will be unable to perform shows live for patrons in our venue. Though Phase 3 of the reopening of Ontario technically allows up to 50 patrons, it is not financially viable or realistic for our 600 seat venue or ...