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Last Record Store Documentary by Dwayne Cloes

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Last Record Store Documentary...

Over the months of August and September 2014 good friend,  talented musician, and now documentarian, Dwayne Cloes has been filming and editing a documentary about Cheeky Monkey - and us, Roland & I who are in essence - Cheeky Monkey. It was a very odd feeling to know someone felt we were worthy of a documentary.  Have to admit it was a lot of fun. So glad we agreed to it, especially once we saw the finished project. We realize that many customers do value what we do, but family and friends with business sense think we are nuts. Yup we are, we admit it. We think Dwayne has captured on film, why we do what we do.  We could not be happier or prouder of the end result.  Hope you enjoy it too. Thank you Dwayne MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2021 UPDATE... Have been contacted from the UK by Graham Jones creator ...