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Beth Moore’s Visit to Sarnia

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The lovely and talented Ms. Beth Moore stopped to play for a few hours at Cheeky Monkey on Sat. Dec. 17 .   She does tour with a band, but for this occassion she performed solo and totally unplugged.  Her sweet, smokey voice was a beautiful enhancement to a busy day at Cheeky Monkey.  The customers in the audience agreed. Not only is she a gifted song writer and singer, but she has an interesting side business of designing and making hats and scarves.  Cheeky Charlie could not resist and bought one for Mary Anne. If you missed out on seeing and hearing Beth, don't fret.  Her CD is available to buy at Cheeky Monkey or through the website (CLICK HERE).  If you want to see her in person, keep an eye on the website too Event Calendar for a January show at Paddy Flaherty's Shout out of thanks to Sean for taking the ...


Cheeky Charlie’s Exciting December Weekend

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What a fantastic weekend of music and art Cheeky Charlie had to start December off. Rockin the joint - Southern Fryde Inc. with Mike Blackmore's art as backdrop The fun began during Dec 2nd First Friday evening with the local southern country rock band SOUTHERN FRYDE INC. playing.  They certainly do have a loyal following of fans who enjoyed the good-ol-boy songs they played including of course 'Free Bird'.  What respectable southern rock band would leave it out.   If you missed their show, don't worry, you can buy their CD at Cheeky Monkey for only $12.87. Along with the ruckus music, was art to feast your eyes on or buy.  The photographic art of Mike Blackmore is hanging on the gallery walls.  He has reduced the price in the hopes someone will adopt them or give them as unique gifts.  They will be on exhibit and sale at Cheeky Monkey until Dec. ...


Cheeky Charlie Goes to The Theatre

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Anne of Green Gables is one book that Cheeky Charlie has not gotten around to reading, yet he knows it is a great Canadian novel that depicts the life of a young orphan girl in the late 1800's in Prince Edward Island. To see the book be told as a  play at our local Imperial Theatre  by our city's very own Theatre Sarnia was a very exciting experience for Cheeky Charlie. The set design was very clever changing from the orphanage to the home of the Cuthbert family home, Green Gables, complete with garden outside the screen door.   The actor's were all superb, especially the actress who played Anne (with an E).   Cheeky Charlie is sorry he can't remember her name.  He did a nice deed of giving his program to someone who didn't have one.  Anyway, she was very impressive and believable in her role as were all the others ...


Colin Graf and Sarnia Photographic Club First Friday evening

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The November 4th First Friday was a huge success in so many ways.  To begin with, the weather was perfect for early fall.  The display of art on the Cheeky Monkey Gallery Walls is amazing.  Over 130 entries for the Sarnia Photographic Club's Annual Photo Contest.  This is the 4th year (I think) they have used our walls to showcase all the entries, but they did something different from previous years.  All the winners in the various age groups and subjects have a ribbon hanging beside them to indicated what place they came in. And the winners are... GRAND PRIZE – Pierre Houle ADULT - WEATHER 1. Wes Terryberry 2. Ron Walters 3. Christine Croucher Honourable Mention - Evelyn Buchner ADULT – PEOPLE 1. Barb Barcroft 2. Ron Walters 3. Lynn Tait Honourable Mention - Wes Terryberry AGES 12 – 17 YEARS - HUMAN IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT 1. Tamara Prouty 2. Lexie Hext 3. Cassidy Smith AGES 11 YEARS AND UNDER - PETS AND ANIMALS 1. Seven ...



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Charlie has a great view of Dayna Manning On Friday September 23rd, Cheeky Charlie went to the library, not for books but because Emm Gryner's CD release concert was going on in the auditorium. He managed to get the best seat in the house - on top of one of the house speakers on the right side of the stage. The show started with a solo set from Stratford's Dayna Manning. Dayna, who currently resides in northern British Columbia, was a late addition to the bill. She happened to be in the neighborhood and has opened for Emm in the past so inviting her to perform was what they call a no brainer. Dayna not only performed songs from her three albums, but also some new ones yet to be recorded, including one that was being performed for the first time ever. The new song, called Charlie, is definitely a keeper. Danya Manning's most ...



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Nobody is really sure when or where Cheeky Charlie was born but like all monkeys, Charlie loves a party so on Sunday September 18th from noon to 5:00 p.m., we're throwing a birthday bash for our favorite primate. There will be cake and refreshments for everyone, party favors for the first 100 guests and Charlie's friend's Soul Patch will be here too,  keeping the place rockin'.  To make it even more special there will be deals and special pricing on almost everything in the store including all CD's, DVD's, Blu-rays and vinyl records - new and recycled. You will need your invitation, if you subscribe to the Cheeky Monkey newsletter, watch your inbox or just click on the image and print one off. You can also drop in at the store and pick one up.


Recap of Emm Gryner and Dayna Manning’s Special...

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Friday May 27 was an extremely special night here at Cheeky Monkey. Our Red Carpet Stage was graced by not one amazing singer/songwriter, but TWO. Three if you count the guest singer!! First up was Dayna Manning who is originally from Stratford, but she now lives in B.C. Dayna has recorded three albums of beautifully crafted songs the most recent being “Folkyo” which you can purchase here at Cheeky Monkey. Her talent as a guitar player is matched by her singing voice creating heartfelt warm songs to be enjoyed over and over again. Her expertise at the finger picking style of playing guitar is as difficult as it sounds, however she does it with ease. It was a true pleasure to have the chance to meet her and hear her play. We hope she will stop in again and perform next time she ...