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Red Solo WINE Cup as Fundraiser

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Good friend, Carol Goodwin, was just in to introduce us to Cathie Blake. Cathie is VERY involved with the Celebration of Lights and has come up with an interesting, unique fundraising idea. Many of you may not know, but Celebration of Lights relies heavily on donations and volunteers to create the magical setting down on the river front each winter. To raise funds to use towards not just more decorations, but to maintain what is already there, some of the hard working volunteers from the Celebration of Lights group will be here, at Cheeky Monkey for the May 4th First Friday selling RED SOLO WINE CUPS. For just $5.00 you can own one of the most interesting wine glasses I have ever seen and help to beautify the waterfront for Sarnia residents and help create a tourist attraction.


April 2012 First Friday Good Time Had By All

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It was a full house at Cheeky Monkey for the April 13th First Friday.  I know, the 13th was the SECOND Friday.  Good Friday fell on the FIRST Friday, and since stores etc can not be open that day, it was pushed back a week.  This happens everytime a stat holiday happens on a First Friday evening.  Sometimes it causes some confusion and the crowds are light.  Not for this month's event.  The weather was perfect and the streets, stores and galleries were filled with people! The band playing at Cheeky Monkey was Portrait of You.  This was the third time we've hosted them.  Exactly a year ago they played for the 2011 April First Friday (new tradition guys - let's book it now) and they played on the sidewalk outside the store in the summer when Bayfest organized an artist fair in the downtown to coincide with their rock weekend ...


March First Friday with Soul Patch & Pierre Houle

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It was a blustery, rain night for the March 2nd First Friday in Sarnia's Downtown Cultural District.  Despite the inclement weather, the fans of First Friday were out 'n' about and making Cheeky Monkey a priority spot to stop at.  The reason for that was the local band Soul Patch and the photographic artwork of Pierre Houle. This was not the first time Soul Patch has performed at Cheeky Monkey and we're pretty sure it will not be the last - at least we hope not.  There was one difference in the band from previous performances.  A new member in accomplished multi-instrumentalist Craig Seaward joined lead singer/guitarist/keyboard player Dwayne Cloes, electric and upright bass player Dave Doyle and drummer Lyle Graham.  Craig's electric guitar added an extra dimension and energy to what are already excellent original songs. It was certainly an appreciative audience that braved the elements to be here.  There tenacity was rewarded by ...


February 2012 First Friday

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The February First Friday lived up to the hype when Natural Disasters came to shake the rafters at Cheeky Monkey. The 5 piece band kept the capacity crowd entertained with classic rock that included a heavy dose of CAN-CON. The repertoire ranged from The Guess Who, 54-40 and Tragically Hip to name just a few. The band and audience were there for a good time and no-one left disappointed. Adorning the walls of Cheeky Monkey, is the photographic art work of Pierre Houle. It is easy to see why he was the 2011 Grand Prize winner of the Sarnia Photographic Club's annual Photo Contest. His keen eye and interesting editing techniques make his work truly intriguing. Pierre's exhibit continues until February 25. All items included framed, enlarged photos, matted photos and cards with envelopes in various sizes are available to purchase. Thanks to Pierre for the photographs taken during the evening.  To see more, ...


Jim Chevalier Premiere’s New Songs

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Over the 5 plus years we have been hosting First Friday at Cheeky Monkey, we have had the pleasure of listening to many of the amazing musical acts the area has to offer, but the January 2012 was really special to us. Jim Chevalier is of the first musicians we met when we came to Sarnia and has become a man and talent we very much admire, so you can understand why we were so thrilled to have him playing on the Red Carpet Stage. To make the evening even more monumental, he debuted a long play list of brand new songs that will be on his upcoming CD. Some were written as recently as the last few days and weeks. Annette Dillon who was in the audience commented on Facebook about Jim's music: "Your Heart felt new songs are masterfully crafted and meaningful." Well said Annette! Everyone present very much looks forward ...


Colin Graf and Sarnia Photographic Club First Friday evening

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The November 4th First Friday was a huge success in so many ways.  To begin with, the weather was perfect for early fall.  The display of art on the Cheeky Monkey Gallery Walls is amazing.  Over 130 entries for the Sarnia Photographic Club's Annual Photo Contest.  This is the 4th year (I think) they have used our walls to showcase all the entries, but they did something different from previous years.  All the winners in the various age groups and subjects have a ribbon hanging beside them to indicated what place they came in. And the winners are... GRAND PRIZE – Pierre Houle ADULT - WEATHER 1. Wes Terryberry 2. Ron Walters 3. Christine Croucher Honourable Mention - Evelyn Buchner ADULT – PEOPLE 1. Barb Barcroft 2. Ron Walters 3. Lynn Tait Honourable Mention - Wes Terryberry AGES 12 – 17 YEARS - HUMAN IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT 1. Tamara Prouty 2. Lexie Hext 3. Cassidy Smith AGES 11 YEARS AND UNDER - PETS AND ANIMALS 1. Seven ...


Cheeky Charlie’s busy week…

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It's a good thing it is a long weekend.  Cheeky Charlie is tuckered out from having too much fun and needs a rest. Last weekend, he went on his first sleepover to good friend Kevin McHarg's house. The next day they went together  to the Southwest Regional Credit Union grand re-opening of their Wyoming branch.  This event was also a Red Friday event in support of our troops.  If you don't know about Red Fridays or Hero To Hero, you should check it out.  Click here to learn more.  Charlie says he had lots of fun making new friends. Cheeky Charlie wishes EVERYDAY was like a First Friday.  They are evenings filled with fun, laughter and music.  Especially the October First Friday when many of the students studying out of town come back to Sarnia for the Thanksgiving weekend. The band playing was a very new group.  Edward and The Right Brothers have only ...



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Local artist, Mike Blackmore, spent the 2 days of ArtWalk 2011 taking photographs of passer-bys posed with his wooden statue PeaceMan knowing he would be doing an exhibit inside Cheeky Monkey during the months of August and September. With this in mind, he began work on the photographs - enhancing here and tweeking there, creating interesing small changes in the photos. These photos now hang on the walls of Cheeky Monkey for all to see and purchase for only $1.00. Also on display, are 4 large manipulated photographs by MIke. Two are from the Annual Mud People event in Brights Grove and the other 2 are from Mike's travels in Mexico. Each is distinctly framed by Mike himself and all are also for sale.