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Matisyahu blasts off with his 4th album “Spark Seeker,” produced by Kool Kojak. This bold new studio album finds the one-of-a-kind vocalist and songwriter exploring uncharted territory with help from an expansive cast of collaborators. The record mixes ancient traditional sounds with futuristic electro beats, rapping with singing, and songs of the spirit with songs of the body.

“Spark Seeker”
Track Listing: 1. Crossroads 2. Sunshine 3. Searchin 4. Buffalo Soldier 5. Fire of Freedom 6. Bal Shem Tov 7. I Believe In Love 8. Breathe Easy 9. Summer Wind 10. Live Like a Warrior 11. Tel Aviv’n 12. King Crown of Judah 13. Shine on You

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