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2013 FIRST First Friday w/ White Fire Reed

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Last night for the January 4th First Friday, we had the pleasure of hearing WHITE FIRE REED live for the first time.

For a 3 piece band, they sure pack a big musical punch.  Performing mostly original material from their CD ‘POSITIVE CHANGE’, the audience very much appreciated their skill, enthusiasm & professionalism.  A few covers were also done from bands such as The Doors, CCR & a version of a U2 song that was particularly amazing.  Lead singer & bass player Gary was having lots of fun trying out a new toy he got for Christmas.  I am not a techie kind of person, but I think it was a processor that he used to add reverb & other effects at the perfect times.

We all look forward to hearing the brothers Johnston along with Kurt Oblak play again soon.  If you haven’t seen them yet yourself, you should - or at least pick up their CD.  It can be yours for only $9.99 - on sale at Cheeky Monkey of course!


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