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2016 GIFT IDEAS from Cheeky Charlie

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Here are a few unique gift ideas from Cheeky Charlie for you to consider…

 Cheeky Charlie says, besides giving the gift of music or movies for Christmas - you can give the gift of refreshing Coke in glass bottles.  Cheeky Monkey is an official Coca-Cola retailer of glass bottled products that include Classic Coke, Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Sprite.  Pick up a few 6 packs for yourself or to give away. ($2.00 per bottle or $8.00 a six pack - tax included)

 Roland’s Mom is one of THE best knitters Cheeky Charlies knows - and he knows a few.  We are very proud to sell her lovely hand made baby blankets, hats and slippers.   And they are reasonable priced too.

BOXSETS GALORE!!!! CD, DVD, Blu-ray and vinyl boxsets.  Lots in stock - dare we say tonnes - maybe so.

Also have band hats, t-shirts and stickers.  Not to mention our hand made record bowls.  Oh,  guess Cheeky Charlie did just mention them.

Point is - at Cheeky Monkey there are lots and lots of unique gift ideas for the special person in your life who really does not need another necktie, scarf or banana.  (Cheeky Charlie always gets bananas for Christmas and says he’s ready for a change too.)



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