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SEPT. 11 UPDATE… IN THE NEWS… Thank you to Sarnia This Week for coverage of Drop # 1 and it’s success. Now onto Drop # 2 on Saturday, Sept. 26th. CLICK HERE to read the story on Sarnia-Lambton This Week.
Record Store Day Drop # 1 went very smoothly we felt. Turn out was less than a normal RSD, but that was part of the point of there being 3 Drop dates. There was still a line up outside, doing their best to social distance & all wearing masks. Line up looked as long as most years, but that was an optical illusion. They were not all bunched up like other years. We allowed 15 people in to start, than as one left another was admitted.
Thanks to our volunteers, we were able to have a door greeter making sure masks were on and hands were sanitized as well as we had two checkout lines to speed up the shopping process.
We had opened about 40 minutes early at 8:50 a.m. so by 10:00, all those in line outside had come in to find their treasures.
While customers waited patiently outside, music man, Mike Blackmore entertained them with his talent on d’jembe and guitar.
As for what was hot sellers… there were 2 David Bowie releases that sold very well on both vinyl record and CD. Billie Eilish – Live At Third Man Records on blue vinyl and Elton John – self title album on purple vinyl did very well.
Unfortunately, Sony Music Canada had a glitch with their courier company, so their exclusives didn’t show up until two days after RSD. Better late than never, we now have in much anticipated Pink Floyd – Arnold Layne 7” single, Judas Priest – British Steel 2 LP picture disc along with several other titles by other interesting bands.
We are pleased to report that, we sold over 50 reusable shopping bags at $5.00 each with proceeds going to MusiCounts who provide musical instruments to youth. We still have more left to sell.
The 2nd Drop on Saturday, September 26th we will use the same format as we did for August with another different batch of limited edition, exclusive to indie stores like us, releases.
To view photos from the day CLICK HERE

Look what arrived today!!! The record bags that we are selling for MINIMUM $5.00 donation to MusiCounts.  With permission from RSD organizers, we can start selling them NOW!!!  We have limited number of these awesome record bags,  so get one while you can & help out a very worth cause.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29 UPDATE… The countdown is on.
Reminder of how to be safe while enjoy RSD at Cheeky Monkey…
~ We will be open earlier - at 9:00 a.m. - closed at 5:30 p.m.
~ When lined up outside and when shopping, remember to SOCIAL DISTANCE
~ We will be limiting number of customers in the store - as 1 leaves another will be let in.
~ Please shop alone
~ HAND SANITIZER will be at front door for everyone to use before entering
~ By order of Sarnia Council, everyone MUST wear a FACE MASK.
~ Limit of five (5) RSD exclusives per customer with no duplicates
~ $5 minimum donation to MusiCounts to buy reusable shopping bag at check out while supplies last. Bags are provided by NAD Electronics

REMINDER - Christina Street will be closed to car traffic so please park either on a side street or in one of the many nearby lots that are free all day Saturday. See map below.

We are all experiencing a changed way of life these days with a heighten awareness of how we shop and socialize. One thing that has not changed though is the love of music and movies. The world has affirmed over and over how much joy and solace can be found through these arts. Customers at Cheeky Monkey, Sarnia’s downtown records and more store are no exception.

In past year’s, independent record stores around the globe have celebrated with the art of music and the store that sell it with an Annual Record Store Day in April. This year it will still be celebrated but in a different way and not just on one day. Instead there are going to be three Record Store Day Drops scheduled for Saturday August 29th, Saturday September 26th and Saturday October 24th. The reason for three ‘Drop’ dates is to hopefully draw in smaller crowds for each day. They will not be the big events and parties of the previous years, but there will still be the 100’s of exclusive limited edition mostly vinyl records available split up over the three RSD Drop dates.

It will also not be the free-for-all rush to get in the door when Cheeky Monkey first opens on these Drop dates. Instead they will be taking a cue from all the other busy retail stores and letting a limited number of customers in at one time. As one customer leaves, another will be admitted keeping a steady flow coming and going. Like all the other stores, it is wise to remember your social distancing both while waiting outside and once inside the store. Masks are not required but are recommended (unless guidelines change). It is also asked that people shop alone, not in couples or with their families along, that no food, drinks, bags or backpacks be brought inside. A table at the front door will have hand sanitizer for everyone to use when they enter. In the spirit of fairness, shoppers will be limited to five RSD Drop exclusives on each date with only one copy of each title.

To help avoid being in a line outside in August when the temperatures could be high, Cheeky Monkey will open earlier in the day. Hours for the August 29th RSD Drop will be 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For any last minute changes they may need to make in accordance with government regulations, please check blog section. A link to the titles of releases is also available there. Keep in mind, they have signed a pledge with Record Store Day to not take advance orders or hold any exclusives on the date of the Drops. Subscribers to their weekly e-newsletter will be sent a listing of exactly what titles did arrive at Cheeky Monkey after closing the day before the Drops.

It is the hope of Cheeky Monkey, located at 130 Christina Street North, that everyone who comes will enjoy the day, stay safe and find the music or movies that make their life that much more enriched.
MONDAY JUNE 1, UPDATE - the list of exclusive release for all 3 Record Store Day Drops are now out for you to see.

To view the list of EXCLUSIVE to indie stores like us, CLICK HERE.  Remember we order virtually all titles, but do not know what we will get until the deliveries arrive.  On the night before RSD Drop, we will send out a listing of what we had come in to all those who subscribe to our e-newsletter.  Not a subscriber yet? – than sign up on the right hand side of this page.

Another reminder, we do not take orders ahead for RSD Drop Exclusives & there are no holds for that date either.

TUESDAY MAY 26 UPDATE - We value your opinion on how best to hold Record Store Day Drops. Since we are not sure what the world will be like by August 29th, the first of 3 days of RSD Drops, we are debating the best and safest way to accommodate all our valued customers.
We have 2 options currently for the August 29th RSD Drop…

1) Schedule Time
… Your time to come in to shop is booked ahead so no line up.
… We would allow a set number of people in every 30 minutes.
… Those that come to the door without a set time will have to come back at the next available opening

2) First come, First in…
… Set number of customers in store at one time
… As a customer leaves another is admitted.
… Same entry format as many other stores
… There will be a line up outside to get in where you will be expected to social distance & take other advised precautions
… End of August could be hot to be in a line outside.

Please let us know what you think of these 2 systems or if you have any other suggestions, so we can plan ahead and let everyone know what we will be doing. With there being 3 separate dates for RSD Drops, if we find the process does not work as well as hoped, we can adjust for the September 26th RSD Drop.
Bottom line is, we want everyone to enjoy themselves and stay safe.

REMINDER -  we are not permitted to take advance orders, nor can we  set aside or hold for later pick-up any RSD title on the day.

MONDAY MAY 25 Update - revised list of what exclusives will be released on what days is expected to be available on June 1.
In meantime, enjoy a visit with Brandi Carlile in her home studio…

RSD 2020 Ambassador - Brandi Carlile from Record Store Day on Vimeo.

Record Store Day organizers deserve a big pat on the back. They have come up with a way to keep us all safe yet get the exclusives everyone is craving. Below is part of the email we got outlining the plan so far. More info will follow from us about our store specifically as we get closer to the first date. Keep in mind, this time in our lives is very fluid, so plans may change. Stay tuned.

From RSD organizers…
There will not be a Record Store Day 2020 on June 20. In fact, there will not be a “Record Store Day” in 2020. Instead of releasing all titles on one day, instead of having a massive crowd of customers in the store at once for an extended period of time, instead of having a party with bands and food and beer and everything else that the previous twelve years of RSD have been celebrated with, we’re staging a series of RSD DROPS— three dates in August, September and October where smaller chunks of the RSD 2020 List will be released, with an emphasis on getting cool, desirable content into your stores. But not all at once, and not as part of a giant party. We’re not calling this Record Store Day and we’re not even referring to them as “events”. They’re Drops-a date when exciting fun pieces come out-only at an indie record store.

We’re working to split the List as equitably as possible across these three RSD DROPS Saturdays: August 29. September 26 and October 24.


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Maureen Murphy says: June 1, 2022 at 9:00 am | Reply

Hi guys , I think the first come , first serve , would still work, only so many in at a time and only allowed so much time?? How many in at a time ???

    Mary Anne says: June 1, 2022 at 11:34 am | Reply

    Thanks for the input Maureen. At this time, we are considering 10-15 people in at a time no matter which way we decide is best to let customers in.

Missy Burgess says: June 9, 2022 at 8:39 am | Reply

Hi Mary Anne and thanks for the “heads up” again on the new CD. It is very much appreciated any time you give me a shout out. Missed performing 2 big concerts due to Covid 19 which is probably
nothing compared to well known artists. But we are healthy and
that’s gold. Coming in the store to see you and Roland is such a satisfactory social interchange. I think your ideas for the record sale are good and we will just have to be patient.