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AUDITIONS: War of the Worlds live-stream @ Imperial Theatre

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💥 We are blown away!
Due to the overwhelming response, all our audition slots have filled up already. So when you send in an application to
[email protected]
we are going to be asking people to do pre-taped auditions to help us see everyone in a timely manner, as this project is on a time crunch. In our response email, we will coordinate with you the best format to film and send, etc.
Thank you for your interest in this show! 👽

THURSDAY, AUGUST 2Oth From Imperial Theatre…
Greetings, earthlings.

We are embarking on a voyage and we want you to join us. For the foreseeable future, Theatre Sarnia and the Imperial Theatre will be unable to perform shows live for patrons in our venue. Though Phase 3 of the reopening of Ontario technically allows up to 50 patrons, it is not financially viable or realistic for our 600 seat venue or theatre community.

So we explored the galaxy and landed on Planet Livestream. We devised a plan to cast, rehearse, stylishly film and release a pre-filmed “cinematic theatrical livestream” showcase of ‘The War Of The Worlds: The Panic Broadcast” online. This is a stage adaptation by Joe Landry of Orson Welles’ infamous 1938 radio broadcast based on H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel.

With a quick turnaround before our planned online premiere and livestream dates of October 27-30, and Covid safety protocols in place; crew will be minimal, cast will be reading from scripts during the production (as the show is set in a radio station, recreating a live broadcast), and we will be filming over time, adhering to a shooting schedule.

Each cast member will have 2-5 different roles. We will run rehearsals on the Imperial stage and in the auditorium space, socially distanced from the end of August to the end of September. Our rehearsal schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, and filming Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Rehearsals and filming will be done following all the Covid-19 safety rules; temperatures and contact information taken at check-in, masks and shields will be mandatory during rehearsals, social distancing will take place.

Covid testing will be required before the rehearsal process and two weeks after. The theatre will be regularly disinfected. Cast and crew are to bring their own water bottles, no food allowed, breaks will be given to eat outside the theatre. No cast parties or socials will be planned by the production team or theatre staff.

We will have individual times scheduled for safe wardrobe measuring and dressing. Self-applied make-up and hair will be implemented, with tutorials provided.


We will be having official auditions via ZOOM from home with the production team


If you are interested in an audition package send an email to
[email protected] to register and we will send you audition sides, your audition time slot and further instructions.

Ladies; if accepted, we will need your dress, suit and shoe size for wardrobe. You will be wearing a 1948 hairstyle.

Gentlemen, if accepted, we will need your waist size (not below the stomach; pants were worn at the waist in the ‘40s), leg length, shirt size, sweater size, suit size, hat size and shoe size. Men wore their hair short in the late 1940’s, so currently long-haired men will be wearing hats.

We are looking for performers of all kinds, who have strong voices, and are comfortable on stage and in front of a camera and can adapt quickly and take stage and film direction. This will be a brand new process for all of us, and will be a departure from a regular Theatre Sarnia rehearsal and production experience. We can’t wait to hear from you and embark on this very new and challenging but exciting venture.

Stay tuned in and watch the skies.


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