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Avant Garage Top 10 list of 2014

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Peter NobleThe regular listeners of Port Huron college radio station WSGR (91.3 on the F M dial), will know the name of Peter Noble (on Twitter @theeavantgarage ) quite well. He is one of the many amazing DJ’s to be heard on this very eclectic non-commercial station. Peter does a wonderful job digging up nuggets you will not hear on other stations.
Below is a list complied by Peter of his Top 10 songs of 2014.

Top 10 of 2014

Hon. Mention. Darkside - Psychic
Ambient techno jazz blend. Think Steely Dan in a trance. I blew it, and missed this one in 2013.

10. Total Control - Typical System
Post-punk with a beat. Neo gothic tunes for late night 80s dance clubs.

9. The Gotobeds - Poor People Are Revolting
Slackercore rock. Guitar hooks abound. No nonsense harmonies and production.

8. The Solids - Blame Confusion
Blistering guitar and drum onslaught. Think Japandroids mixed with No Age.

7. St. Vincent - St. Vincent
Walloping, wobbly audio theatrics from The Thin White Duchess.

6. Eagulls - Eagulls
Bleak, disillusioned post-punk, as really only the British can do. Think early Cure.

5. Napalmpom - The Unconditional Love Of
Solid riffs, twin guitar attacks, fun choruses. Did I mention monster guitars?

4. Cheveu - Bum
Quirky avant-pop tunes. Imagine if Pere Ubu grew up in Paris.

3. Justin Scott Gray - The Radius Of The Innermost Circle Is One
Multi-instrumental sonic layers with a delicate ferocity. Mogwai should be nervous.

2. Temples - Sun Structures
Psych-pop with strong rhythm, to elevate beyond a 60s/70s tribute.

1. Sharon Van Etten - Are We There
Pleasantly disturbing, raw singer-songwriter. Think Sarah MacLachlan mixed with Leonard Cohen


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