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It all started with a strange ultimatum: “Either get your shit together or we’re starting a band.”

Since that fateful day, Toronto - based alt – rock outfit Birds of Bellwoods have wasted little time making an indelible mark on Canada’s musical landscape. The band, comprised of Stephen Joffe (lead vocals, mandolin), Adrian Morningstar (guitar, vocals), Chris Blades (banjo, guitar, vocals), and Kintaro Akiyama (upright bass, vocals), has amassed an impressive pile of achievements and accolades in a few short years on the back of their boisterous blend of anthemic alternative, folk, and pop music.

Now signed with eOne Music Canada, Birds of Bellwoods are set to drop their highly anticipated debut LP, Victoria.

The album invites listeners to join the band’s high - energy musical parade built on honest, emotive songwriting and laced with sweet, sticky hooks.

A few years back, Joffe was crashing at Morningstar’s Toronto apartment after a bad breakup and was starting to overstay his welcome.

That’s when Morning star gave him the ultimatum; unexpectedly, Joffe chose the second option – “and man, I’m glad I did,” he jokes.

“The one constant for every song we’ve written is that they’ve come to life and exist in the musical spaces between us,” Morningstar shares. “We have really eclectic musical tastes and have embraced those and built it from there. We don’t want to box ourselves into one sound.”

So far, they haven’t.

While their choice of instruments and knack for writing simple, hooky melodies roots them in folk, pieces of everything from indie to country to even punk rock are swirled into their unique sonic concoction, and it’s been turning a lot of heads.



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