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On Saturday July 23rd, Cheeky Monkey had the honour of hosting a Bradleyboy Macarthur in-store event. Whether it was the heat or the threat of Armageddon, the turnout was light but Bradleyboy rewarded those in attendance with a blistering tour of his original approach to music.

Al Fraser had this to say:

Made it to  BRADLEYBOY MacARTHUR’s show at Cheeky Monkey July 23rdand was thoroughly glad I did to see this one-man dynamo play garage rock trashy blues. His stripped down revved up songs of life dragged everyone along his gravel road, with suitcase stomp and hi-hat tambourine slap he kept his Jesus bobblehead shimmying, a fuzzed out vintage electric Harmony or crafted three string cigar box banjo rhythms jumped and slid up and down their necks all while his throat styling’s of  harmonica or vocals echoed from a large chrome 50’s microphone sounding of a cross between John Lee Hooker and Jon Spencer. Like the title of his new release SALT GUN, (whether such a shot is fact or fiction) when it hits ya, it stings! 


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