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Buck Brothers Reunite for March 2016 First Friday

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What a fun night taking us all down memory lane with the Fabulous Buck Brothers Reunion Band leading us down the musical path.

Not being originally from Sarnia, we were not familiar with the Buck Brothers, but apparently many locals are.  They were a popular band not just in Sarnia, but throughout Ontario in the late 1960’s, 70’s and into the 80’s.  Two of the remaining ‘brothers’, Orval Cavin on bass guitar and Jack Dunn on rhythm guitar have added three members of another well known local band, Copperstill, to their line up making them the newest “Buck Brothers”.  Gerry Ostrihon on drums, Guy Houle on guitar and mulit-instrumentalist Phil Beauchamp rounded out the group.

Each of their 2 sets started off with an original song that fit right in with the cover songs they performed, but were so good it left you wanting to hear more of their own music.

They don’t have a clear cut lead singer.  Everyone took turns singing lead on whatever song suited their voices best.  A few stand outs for me were Here For A Good Time by Trooper that Phil sang and played harmonic on as well as  Dylan’s Knocking on Heavens Door. Guy did a great job on a Hank Williams song.  Their version of the Stones Honky Tonk Woman seemed to be a real crowd pleaser.

Usually on First Friday, the audience comes and goes, moving from one downtown venue to another.  During this March evening, the majority of the crowd stayed here at Cheeky Monkey enjoying the easy listening vibes that the Buck Brothers provided.  We look forward to booking them again for a future First Friday, so stay tuned.

For more photos from the March 4 First Friday CLICK HERE

Coming up for the April 1st First Friday will be singer-songwriter Nic Swales - and no it’s not an April Fools joke - he will really be here at Cheeky Monkey



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