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Cheeky Charlie Meets Clayton Linthicum of Deep Dark Woods

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On April 3, 2022 a couple of fellas I have not seen before walked into Cheeky Monkey.   One of them headed straight for the vinyl record bins while his buddy wondered around a bit before heading out the door.

Turned out the vinyl lover was Clayton Linthicum, a member of the band DEEP DARK WOODS, the duo KACY & CLAYTON and currently on tour with ZACHERY LUCKY.  The other fella turned out to be Zachery who was preoccupied with the business end of the tour and had gone out to their car to do some “work” while Clayton shopped.

They were on their way down the 402 to play later that night at the London Music Club with a slight detour through Stratford first.  The night before they played a house concert at our friends Lori & Al’s “Squeaky Hinge” venue (their lovely home).  It was great to meet and chat with Clayton and being a really great guy, he agreed to have his picture taken with Cheeky Charlie.

If you have never been to a house concert, we highly recommend them.  Al & Lori’s Squeaky Hinge concerts in their home are intimate, fun and reasonable priced with all the ticket money & CD sales going directly to the musicians.  How great is that?!

Below is a review Al wrote about the show with Zachery & Clayton.  Al writes great reviews of not only the house concerts they host, but of other shows he sees and sends them out to his emailing list.   As music lovers, we appreciate what they do.

FROM AL…  April 2nd 2014 – Squeaky Hinge concert series; Zachary Lucky. Attendance for this show started off very slow but as the date neared I garnered near full house. Zachary originally said he was touring alone but the night prior to his performance here he called and informed me he would be accompanied by “the new guitar player in the Deep Dark Woods” Clayton Linthicum, I was pleasantly surprised as I had done a little home work on him when he joined them. The previous evening they played in Sue Saint Marie, the weather and roads were somewhat treacherous with ice as they made their way on through the Northern leg of the tour, thankfully they made their way here through Michigan on a sunny pleasant day to arrive as scheduled for dinner. Having only met Zachary briefly on his last time here in Sarnia and not knowing Clayton we had a very relax conversation over dinner and they had a very in-depth knowledge of music, afterward we went for a walk into Canatara park as they spend a lot of time in a car traveling between shows. As show time approached people arrive in anticipation, Lori collected donations for the guys and everyone socialize pre performance.

Brian Millar opened the night with a couple covers and a soft guitar strum doing a John Prine and if I remember correctly a John Hiatt song, his vocals conveyed that his heart was in those songs which warmed the room nicely.

Zachary Lucky with Clayton Linthicum, both were seated playing acoustically in a finger picking harmony style that filled the room and was totally amazing to listen too. Zachary’s vocals are deep and smooth singing of places he has been and lived, he told many stories of how the songs came to be all the while playing his guitar. He has a very Canadian singer delivery that reminds you of a warm familiar-ism that I can’t fully put my finger on but you instantly welcome his songs. Clayton is only 20 and has played 2 European tours with the Deep Dark Woods and has 1 (maybe 2) releases with his cousin singing to his guitar playing that are very traditional, Clayton changed a couple of time to banjo but all night long his playing was magnetic. Each set the boys were joined for one song by a surprise guest, our very own Caitlin Mason, a local gal that did a fantastic job on fiddle adding an emotive tension to each song. It was a special night of music the really accentuated what we love here. The next day the guys had some time anD visited Cheeky Monkey in search of vinyl and as it was Richard Manuel’s birthday were going to visit his grave site in Stratford to pay their respects before heading to London for a show that evening.   


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