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Cheeky Charlie’s Hypnotic Meeting

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Today, Cheeky Charlie along with Roland and I, had the pleasure of meeting Dez the “assistant’ to Comedy Hypnotist, ROBERT MAXWELL, as well as Robert himself and his lovely wife.  They all stopped in to say hi before going on stage for their show tonight at the Library Auditorium.
Robert explained (with a twinkle in his eye) that Dez likes to do bad things to good people.
Touring the country constantly, they are regulars in many of the larger cities in the area, but this is his first time in Sarnia. For those of you who missed the show this time around, Robert has assured me they will be back next year. Here’s hoping!   Subscribe to the Cheeky Monkey newsletter so will get plenty of advance notice.  After our chat, this is one family friendly hypnotist you will want to see live.
For a small taste of Robert’s abilities - watch the video below.


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