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Cheeky Monkey Film School

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Quite often, we get requests from students to interview us about our business.  Most times it is for their marketing/business courses.  Yesterday was different.  Trevor Trenter, a customer we have not seen for a while, stopped by with a film crew.  We haven’t seen him in because he is attended post graduate school at Fanshaw in London .  After having finished majoring in English, he is now studying film making.

His current assignment is to create a documentary.  Since Sarnia is his home town, he wanted to do his film with a local flair.  After scanning archive articles on, he came across the article “Voices from Lambton’s Past: Walt Whitman’s recollections of Sarnia”  CLICK HERE to read article.  Inspiration hit Trevor.  Have various local residents read passages from the famous American writer Walt Whitman’s diary describing his impressions of the area when he was here in 1880.

So now comes our part.  Trevor stopped in to ask us if we would be two of the readers.  Always eager to help young talent and put Sarnia in a good light, we of course were happy to help out.

Trevor mentioned bringing us a copy of the complete documentary, which we hope he does.  We wish him much luck with his project and assume he will get a good grade.  We also wish him all the best in his career ahead.

Below is pictured left to right: Nigil Vazquez (Director of Photograph/cinematographer), Trevor Trenter (writer/ director/ film student) and me.



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Tamara says: May 18, 2022 at 5:02 pm | Reply

Thanks Mary Ann,

Picture looks way better with just the three of you!!!

Tamara :-)))