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A collection of songs that were originally recorded as 3 separate 7” singles in 1966 on Bowie’s first label, Pye. In 1972, when David Bowie was in the early stages of developing his widely successful career, Pye released these songs as an EP to capitalize on his newfound fame. Since then, this collection of early Bowie cuts have been reissued numerous times onto various compilations and have become a truly valuable commodity to the illustrious catalogue of David Bowie. This release is in honour of the 50th anniversary of the original recordings of some of Bowie’s earliest material.

“…half a dozen slices of the young Bowie at his most endearing, mourning lost love and celebrating youthful promise, with his whole life ahead of him and fame still more than half a decade away. They’re great songs, as well, classic mid’60s Britbeat, and though they’re a world removed from all that he went on to, it’s worth remembering that he would be looking at them again, for the late’90s ultimately abandoned Toy project.” AllMusic


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