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A Dramatic Turn of Events is an album born from transition, crafted with studied persistence and possessed by newfound freedom and free-flowing invigoration. The album strikes the prefect balance between Dream Theater’s intimate history with all that is heavy, progressive and melodic with each element fully realized. Longtime fans of the band intrigued by the speediness of the notes on display from Dream Theater have much to study on the album, while fans of melodic hooks will find equal pleasure within the songs.



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Roel Bus says: September 20, 2021 at 2:33 pm | Reply

The first Dream Theater without Mike Portnoy… I think you can tell, but Mike put such a stamp on the music that it would be an insult not to notice. Having said that, this album is full of material we’ve come to love from the masters of progressive metal. They have matured, and it is certainly less raw, a direction they started with Systematic Chaos and continued with Black Clouds & Silver Linings. Well worth it!!