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Dylan Menzie visits Cheeky Monkey

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On Saturday, November 19, 2021 it was a true pleasure to welcome PEI singer/songwriter Dylan Menize to Cheeky Monkey.  Dylan along with his band mates, drove from their previous nights gig in Guelph to be here in time for an afternoon acoustic solo set by Dylan.

Playing one of his favourite instruments, his treasured vintage 1920’s 4 string tenor guitar, he entertained the audience with a mix of his original songs and interesting stories.  His songs are sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, the way any good songwriters material should be.  They are well crafted songs, but what really stands out when Dylan performs is his emotionally charged delivery.  Going from a soft, intimate sound one moment to soaring and impassioned the next, impressed many of us.  His vocal projection certainly did not need any microphone amplification in our store.  Dylan  has the art of personal volume control mastered using his voice as an instrument giving each song just the right amount of emphasis when needed.  In many of the reviews I’ve read about Dylan Menzie, the word ‘compelling’ keeps cropping up.  After hearing him, I can certainly agree it is a good word to describe every aspect of this young musician.

Later in the evening, Dylan along with his band consisting  of Nigel Haan  on bass guitar and Luke Pound on drums, played at Paddy Flahertys.  This was to be their third time back at Paddy’s, a venue known for spotting and booking great up and coming indie talent.  Speaks volumes about Dylan and why he keeps getting booked over and over.  You can expect to see his name often in the future,  not just in Sarnia, but all over the country.

We very much appreciate that Dylan’s manager, Kate Gracey-Stewart reached out to us to have Dylan play at Cheeky Monkey.  We hope we get a chance to do it again sometime.  In the meantime, we will be keeping an eye on Dylan’s career as it rises higher and higher.

By the way, Cheeky Charlie was also very pleased to meet everyone.  He has been on the shy side lately, but just had to get his picture taken with them too.

For more photos from the afternoon of live in-store music with Dylan Menzie, CLICK HERE


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