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Electric Waves wow July First Friday crowds

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Review co-written by Owen Roberts (age 10 and now biggest fan of Electric Waves)

Electric Waves is a band full of surprises. Made up of four young men, you might expect them to be playing hard rock or heavy metal, but they were a very calm band. There wasn’t any heavy metal or rock as you think of it. They’re a band that plays classic mostly original music that is quiet, but doesn’t put you to sleep. Both their lyrics and melodies are complex.  Hearing them play is inspiring.
The few cover songs they did became truly their own. “My Girl” and ‘Wicked Games” were recognizable but definitely had their own stamp on them.
The plan was to have their second CD ready for sale during First Friday. Unfortunately that didn’t come to be, so we still have it’s release to look forward to. In the meantime Electric Waves first CD is available for sale at Cheeky Monkey or from the band. I recommend you make it part of your collection and make a point of seeing them live too.

On the back walls of Cheeky Monkey are the innovative art pieces created by Stewart Wayne Fanning.  They are colourful, intricate and hypnotically beautiful.  They really have to be seen in person to truly appreciate.  They will be on display until August 29 so stop in to see them and perhaps take one home to adorn your home.

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