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In 2004 Eric Burdon released his fantastic album „My Secret Life“ and toured in Europe and US. His sense of humour hasn’t left Burdon, and he still likes to play upon his age. “I’m a wreck,” he says, surprising his listeners, adding – with a wink, of course: “I’ve got bronchitis, asthma, I’m overweight and I’m a slow-motion wreck of a human being. I turn into a different person every time I get on stage. I haven’t changed and continue to do what I’ve always done.”

And everyone who saw Eric Burdon live knows that his authentic blues voice is still in top form and so are his energetic live performances. You can hear the passion that Eric feels for his  music !

On „Athens Traffic Live“ you find the most exciting old and new hits, more than 1 hour of great music ! The bonus DVD contains besides Eric’s commentaries, a drum solo and the super bonus feature also 3 never before released videos which he produced on his own. Watch it and enjoy !


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