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In-store photo shoot with…

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LIT’L CHICAGO!!  Really is always something interesting going on at Cheeky Monkey all the time. Today it was a photo shoot with the local blues band LIT’L CHICAGO.  Fresh off their trip to Memphis to compete in one of the largest blues competitions in North America, they stopped in with man-of-many-talents Marty Oblak as their photographer.  Inside and out many pictures were snapped.  Didn’t get a chance to ask the band, but sure hope this is in preparation for a CD coming out.  Or it may be for promotional posters to advertise upcoming gigs.  Either way, do yourself a favour and give these guys a listen.  They really are the cream of the crop of blues bands - local or otherwise.  Perhaps some day we will be lucky enough to have them play here at Cheeky Monkey.  We can only hope.


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