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These 10 tracks have gone virtually unheard for more than two decades.

Recently discovered in the Sony Music archives, the performances on You and I are a revelation, an intimate portrait of the artist performing a variety of cover songs and original music expressing a range of emotion channeled through his singular sensibility.

Long rumored to exist, but previously unheard outside the studio, the performances on You and I have never been bootlegged or released to the public in any form. These seminal recordings are a fan’s Holy Grail, a rare opportunity to hear Jeff Buckley in peak form, developing his artistry through a series of spellbinding solo performances, each one captured in pristine sonic detail.

Named One of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, Jeff Buckley only completed one studio album, 1994’s Grace, before his life and career ended tragically with his accidental drowning in Memphis on May 29, 1997.

The newly discovered studio recordings on You and I represent an essential addition to the discography of one of the great American musical artists of the 20th century, a signifi cant look into the creative process of a developing genius.

The Columbia/Legacy release of Jeff Buckley’s You and I has been overseen by the artist’s mother, Mary Guibert.



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