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Learn How to be a Director Workshop

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Theatre SarniaLearn how to be a Director with our
Directing Workshop
Sat., Jan, 16th 9 am to 4 pm
at PCT Rehearsal Hall, 305 Centre St. Petrolia.
Cost $10 per person. Max. of 20 participants.
To attend please visit our Facebook event page and ask to be added to the list.
About the Workshop: We will be covering 4 aspects of Script Analysis (Character development, Beats and Script divisions, Pace and Choices in Timing), 5 aspects of Blocking (Givens, Dynamics of Voice & Range, Rank & File, Approach & Contact, and Tension), Several approaches to directing at rehearsals (Notes, Repetition & Revitalization, and Side Coaching), and Practical Exercises to help your actors reach their best. A full list of topics covered is on the Facebook event.
About the Trainer: For over 25 years, Joe has taught courses on acting, technical production, television and film production. He was the Drama Coordinator of Mount Allison University and has his BA and B Ed in theatre. He has worked for CBC and ran drama workshops for inmates at a medium security institution. He has won numerous awards and has taught and worked with a multitude of theatre companies in Ontario. See Joe’s full bio on our Facebook event page.
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