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March First Friday with Incredible Mike Blackmore

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Mike Blackmore is not new to playing at Cheeky Monkey. He has been in here leading several different configurations of bands during First Friday’s, ArtWalk and Record Store Day events. The evening of March 6, 2022 First Friday was totally unique compared to all the previous shows. He was solo! And may I say - amazing!

This performance was actually the debut of his new CD called “…….Seriously?” Mike played the entire album of original penned songs for a very attentive audience.

The first song of the night was called “A Little Love”. Right off the bat, I noticed his clever lyrics. “Tomorrows only virtue is that yesterday can’t hurt you like today can and I guess that’s okay then.”  Bittersweet and thought provoking to say the least.

Another stand out song is track 8 from the CD called “Eh?”. For this song, Mike asked for 2 volunteers from the audience that could hold a note… for a long time. Cheryl Veary and Missy Burgess stepped up to the mic and did a wonderful job. I have learnt they have since dubbed themselves the ‘Eh-ettes’.

Mike’s songs were peaceful and intimate. Being a self proclaimed cynic,  his music and delivery contradict that outlook completely.  His songs, at least, are full of love and gentle humour.

Sample of photographic artwork by Mike Blackmore

As a backdrop to his stage show, Mike was surrounded on three sides by his digital photographic artwork.   Shortly after one of our areas big cold spells, Mike went out near his home in Brights Grove and took photos of the lakeshore vegetation with it’s new coat of ice on it.  I noticed them on his Facebook page and was totally in awe of them.  I felt they just had to be seen by more then his loyal Facebook friends.  Along with the ‘frosty’ series, his exhibit includes manipulated snowscapes that look other-worldly.  As do some of the portraits of people and creatures also in this exhibit.  Once again, Mike sense of humour shines through in visual art form.

Thank you Mike for creating a wonderful start to March for all of us that were here to enjoy your music and talk to you about your artwork.

Mike’s new CD “…….Seriously?” is now on sale at Cheeky Monkey.  His art exhibit will be on display and for sale until the end of April.

To view more photos taken by Dwayne Cloes during the evening  CLICK HERE


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