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May 2013 First Friday…

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Jenn Kee is no stranger to Sarnia.  She is not from here, but told us she loves playing in the city.  Beside performing at this First Friday, she was at Coffee Culture last month as well as she was a cast member of ‘Classic Albums’   and StarBright Theatre groups that have played at The Imperial Theatre.  After her stellar show last night,  it is evident that Sarnia loves her too.

There was a real sort of electricity in the air all day leading up to the May First Friday evening.  Maybe it was the perfect spring weather.  I think it was the anticipation of all the events happening in the downtown combined with the warm sunshine.

The number of people here to listen to Jenn was impressive.   Little wonder.  With her pure voice, expert guitar playing and strong delivery of not only cover songs, but her own songs as well, she wowed everyone.  She gave true heavy emotion to her version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, yet also managed a light cheeriness to K.T. Tunstalls ‘Black Horse and a Cherry Tree’.  Where her vocals really shone were on two Janis Joplin songs.  Jenn gave them just the right amount of raw energy and power.

If you missed seeing her live, we recommend you pick up her CD we have in stock  - you won’t be disappointed.

Surrounding Jenn on the Cheeky Monkey Gallery Walls was the artwork of Jessie J. Rabbitt.  Jessie’s work is filled with colour and diversity.  Using different mediums (arylic, oils, water colour, pencil, ink), types of foundation (canvas, linen, paper) and techniques, Jessie is able to create piece of work that are appealing to the eye and expressive.

Her home studio that is overflowing with her almost 60 years of art, will be making it’s way here to Cheeky Monkey over the next 2 months for various events.  On Sat. May 18 starting at 1:00 pm, David Burrows will be conducting a live auction of selected pieces.  Pre-registration to bid in the auction will start at noon.  From May 25th to June 15th, there is a Silent Auction of different selected pieces.  During the rest of the 2 months, as pieces sell, new ones from Jessie’s studio with be brought in to replace them making it well worth your time to stop in often to see and maybe buy a one-of-a-kind original Jessie J. Rabbitt creation.


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