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New album from Miami, FL hip‐hop group ¡MAYDAY! on Strange Music, a follow‐up to their 2014 collaboration with MURS 

2013 album entitled Believers

190k Facebook, 42k Twitter, 11k Instagram

Strange Music, Inc. Youtube channel has 803k subscribers and 336 millon+ views


    1. Jettison
    2. Fuel To The Fire
    3. Can’t Take It With You
    4. Won’t Wait
    5. Coast
    6. DIVE (featuring Stevie Stone)
    7. Something In The Air (featuring Femi Kuti)
    8. Space Cadet
    9. Into The Night
    10. Stay Away From You (featuring Ryan “Myagi” Evans)
    11. All The Time
    12. Ten Thirty Three
    13. Antenna
    14. One Wing (featuring Ces Cru)
    15. Know It (featuring Tech N9ne & Stige)
    16. Brother
    17. Against My Better Judgement
    18. The Sun Will Rise (skit)
    19. The Last Sunrise


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