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New Neighbours - Totally Game Meat

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1 front doorAugust 27, 2021

After months of careful planning and building, TOTALLY GAME MEAT is NOW OPEN for business!!  We are so thrilled to have Megan & Diane Hadley as our new next door neighbours.  They are not only a hard working, creative team, but they are a wonderful addition to the eclectic mix of business found in our downtown Sarnia.

This shop is for true meat lovers.  They carry a large selection of meat and fowl you will not find in the regular grocery stores or butcher shops.  Goat, bison, elk, rabbit, lamb, pheasant, guinea fowl are a few of the unusual choices.  Even further, most are sourced and farmed locally.

Banks of freezers carry every kind of cut you can imagine from roast to racks to steaks.  The massive refrigerators are stocked with delicious, reheat-able delights.  Some of my personal favorites I’ve tried are curried goat, bison soup and Elk sammich (also known as Kraut Kuga).  All are fresh made in the massive, well equipped kitchen in the back half of the shop right down to the bread for the sammiches.

5 left bankSpeaking with Megan she mentioned that their stock of chicken feet that just arrived on Monday was already sold out by Thursday (today)!!  Yes - chicken feet.  I have tried lots of out-of- the-ordinary foods, but never chicken feet.  Not even sure what to do with them.  Megan explained they are great for making soup stock or frying up as a crunchy snack.  Hmmm - may have to give them a try.

Special for Christmas they are now taking pre-orders for wild turkey.  Delivery will arrive of December 22 and they are going fast - so call 1.519.491. MEAT  (6328) to get your order in NOW before it’s too late.

Totally Game Meat is open Tuesday to Saturday  10:00 am to 6:00 P.M. and opened for First Friday Cultural Walkabout evenings.

To view more photos of TOTALLY GAME MEATS - CLICK HERE

JUNE 4, 2022

We are so thrilled to welcome a new store opening next door to Cheeky Monkey very soon called TOTALLY GAME MEAT.

2022-6-4 1 Tottaly Game Meats Megan and Diane Hadley have come up with a wonderful idea that will bring a whole new dimension to the downtown shops. They will be preparing and selling interesting meat you will not find in the grocery stores. Venison, bison, duck are just a few they have mentioned. Think M&M Meats - but with much more interesting choices.

There is not a definte opening date as yet. The plan is sometime mid to late June. Watch for more details as they come.

2022-6-4 2 Totally Game meat fridgesThursday, JUNE 4, 2022 - Delivery of many fridges and freezers arrvived today.  All week long we have been hearing builders next door working away.  Last week the electrican did her thing increasing their power capacity for all the coolers.

2022-6-4 3 Totally Game Meat delivery


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Lynne Porter says: September 2, 2021 at 7:06 am | Reply

Your New Neighbours - Totally Game Meat article is wonderful. Thanks for showing me by photos and words how spectacular that new shop is.