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Ottawa Discovers Sarnia Musicians

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Last week I received an interesting email from Kevin McGowan, a former Sarnia resident now living in Ottawa and writing for an on-line magazine called The Revue. Below is the email with his request…


Hi MaryAnne!

I’m a fan of your shop (always drop in when visiting my folks in Sarnia), and I’m also writing for I’m doing a series called 49 Above, featuring acts from smaller towns/cities across Canada. I’m wondering if you’d have any recommendations for the Sarnia area?

Would be glad to mention your store in the articles, too…


Kevin McGowan

Needless to say, I was more than happy to provide him with some names of our local musicians.  I am thrilled to say, he did a store complete with song samples of one of my recommendations - ERIKA & SARA.  CLICK HERE for the link to The Revue.

A few days later, Kevin did a story on our very own harmonica virtuoso, MIKE STEVENS.  CLICK HERE to read.

Hopefully more local talent will be featured and they will each widen their fan base.  They deserve to be heard - and loved!!


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