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Our Mural Wall & You

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During the summer of 2009, Danny Alexander design and painted a mural on the north facing  Cromwell Street side wall of  Cheeky Monkey. The mural is a depiction of a rock musician in his glory along with song lyrics that have meaning to us.  They include Tom Waits, Blue Rodeo, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen along with local musicians like Jim Chevalier, Mike Stevens, and Romney Getty to name a few.  The slow process of stenciling the lyrics on the wall fell to Danny’s mom, Fran who painted them as high as she could reach on the ladder.  Both Fran and Danny did an amazing job that still looks as fresh and interesting as the day if was finished.

Over the years,  our wall has taken on an identity of it’s own.  We have noticed many a photographer using our mural as the backdrop to all sorts of pictures including weddings, family and busniess staff shots.  It has also become a popular ‘tourist’ subject of many snap happy camera enthusiasts.

We have collected a few of those photos and would love to have more.  If you have any pictures with our mural in it, please send them to us at inf[email protected] and we will add them to our photo album.

CLICK HERE to view what we have so far.



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