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Pay It Forward/Back to Local Talent

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Due to the Covid -19 situation, the makers of music & movies are suffering financial hardships despite our government’s efforts to provide benefits which are temporary. Many of them earn their living from touring and playing their music in various venues, which they can not do for the foreseeable future. A little known factor also impacting their income is that downloads or streaming music pays pennies compared to the money they earn when a REAL CD or vinyl record is purchased.  Some may indeed have jobs besides the arts, but they are perhaps not able to work at  them currently either.

Knowing in our hearts & souls, how much joy is derived from listening to music or watching movies we felt we had to do something to help out our amazing and diverse local talent.

Therefore, we have decided that we at Cheeky Monkey will Pay It Forward/Back by paying the tax on sales of local talent CD’s. So come into Cheeky Monkey & buy a LOCAL TALENT CD and do your part to help keep the music makers making more music for us to all enjoy.

HERE ARE FEW EXAMPLES OF WHAT WE HAVE IN STOCK… lots more selection to be found in Cheeky Monkey…

ALMOST FLOATING  (Jim Chevalier + band) - Almost Floating - $11.99
BLACKMORE and BLACKMORE (aka Mike Blackmore) - Coyote - $12.88
DRESSED TO KILL - This Ol’ Train - $13.85
ERIC ETHRIDGE - Eric Ethridge - $11.99
4HATEU8 - Prophets of Grime - $8.85
SEAN HOGAN - 7Come11 - $12.88
THE LIGHT OF EAST ENSEMBLE - Live At The Aeolian - $14.96
SCOTT MANERY & THE BARNBURNERS - Steel Drivin’ Man - $14.96
MARINOL NATION - Planning My Exit Strategy - $9.96
ROUNDHOUSE - One Day - $12.88
TYLER RYDER (aka Tyler Brandon) - My Autum Kettle - $12.88


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