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Roland Getting Saucy with Evan

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Are you a fan of hot/spicy foods? Or just enjoy watching other people’s reactions to eating it? Well then you need to watch local hot sauce fan Evan Dawe’s show Getting Saucy With Evan.
If you stop in to Cheeky Monkey on Tuesday, August 13th at 5:00 p.m you can watch as Evan and Roland test their tolerance and give their opinion on the sauce of the day in the hope of expanding your knowledge of what is out there in the great big spicy world.

You can watch past & current episodes on Facebook (click HERE), YouTube (click HERE) and Instagram (click HERE)

Tuesday, August 13 -  Roland got Saucy With Evan (Dawe) when they tried out and critiqued Hurt Berry Farms hot sauced called Charred Threads.

For more photos in order of reaction to the hot sauce, CLICK HERE


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