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Holy music lovers Batman!!  What a huge, wonderful party RECORD STORE DAY 2013 turned out to be.

The day started with the expected line up at the door before opening at 9:30 am.  I wouldn’t say it was a frenzied stampede, but it was orderly mayhem of the best kind.  Smiling faces abounded as they found the treasured exclusive RSD releases they were hoping for.

As the doors opened and the crowd came in, local band BORDERLITE TRIO started playing at the back area of the store.  This band was perfect for kicking of the day of live music.   Their playlist of covers ranged from Jason Mraz to Zac Brown Band.  For a three piece,  they back a lot of bunch.  For those who missed hearing them, watch for their upcoming gigs on our EVENTS calender.  They are due to play again here at Cheeky Monkey for the October 4th First Friday - mark it on your calender.  Before that, they are regulars as 2 Amigos with their full band under the name of Boarderline and are at Coffee Culture for the June First Friday.

The next band of the day was MIKE BLACKMORE & THE ORDER.  Mike is on the verge of being called our ‘house band’ he has played here so often.  The great thing about every one of his times here, is each is different then the previous.  Sometimes different band mates, sometimes a different style of music and we never know how many musicians there will be.  No matter - we are always thrilled with the music he and friends provide.  This time ’round, the room was entertained with a jazz flavoured couple of sets.  Their upbeat sound included some great sax that kept everyone’s toes tapping.  Mike and his musically talented friends can be found regularly at 2 Amigos.

After Mike and friends, was two of our favourite young ladies.  The dynamic duo of ERIKA AND SARA.  Hailing from Petrolia, we consider them local as well.  Each time we hear them perform we are impressed by their talent as singers, guitarists and interpreters of songs.  Recently they have been included more of their own songs into the sets.  This time is was one called “One More Song”.   We really love having these ladies play at Cheeky Monkey and we are not alone.  They are getting quite a large fan club! They are playing here again on Sat. May 11 at 1:00 pm - stop in to hear them for yourself.

The final band of the day was BLURRED VISION from Toronto.  They were here to do an acoustic set before playing at the Stubborn Mule later in the evening at the first of the INDIEFEST concert series.  We had watched a few youtube videos of the band and were impressed - but have to say we were really truly impressed by these guys.   If they are an indication of what is to come for the other IndieFest acts - then we say WOW - get your tickets!!  To give you an idea of the musical future these guys have, their debut EP ‘Democracy’, was produced by legendary multi-platinum record producer Terry Brown who has also produced or engineered a few other bands you may of heard of like Rush. Rolling Stones, Max Webster and Moist (to name drop a few).  The band had a few of their friends and family here with them for RSD, including Mr. Brown.  To quote David Burrows from The Show - they are “amazing - phenomenal’.  If you missed seeing Blurred Vision while they were in Sarnia, we do have their EP in stock to buy.

During the entire day, volunteers were on hand from the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign taking donations for the band posters we have been accumulating to raise funds for the Children Resource Houses in Sarnia that provide before and after school programs for kids in need.  I don’t have the final dollar raised number, but we hope through the generosity of our customers lots of breakfasts and healthy snacks can be bought to serve the kids.

We have to take this time to thank once again several people as well as the bands that helped make sure the day ran smoothly for everyone.

First off ROSS AND LAURISSA ELLSWORTH - our good friends we can always count on and trust to be here during our big events.  You 2 are THE best!

Secondly comes a huge thank you to RON BEHRO and his 2 young assistants.  Borderlite Trio was kind enough to let all the bands use their  sound equipment, but Ron along with John of Borderlite Trio, ran the equipment during the day.  Every musician sounded perfect thanks to their skills on the sound board and every musician had exactly what they needed.

We have to say thank you to our friends at DISTRIBUTION SELECT, MINT RECORDS and SIX SHOOTER RECORDS for their contribution of posters for the Charity Poster Sale and items for our draw table and giveaways.  We would  especially like to thank all our supplies for providing us with a superb selection of exclusive RSD  items

Thanks also to the media for their wonderful coverage before April 20th helping us let the public know how important stores like ours are to a community and about the celebration of the art of music.

Lastly, thank you to all of our loyal and caring customers.  With your continued support, we plan to be here doing what we love to do most in life, selling music and movies, for many years to come.  We get up every day looking forward to coming into Cheeky Monkey and spending time with you.

For more photos CLICK HERE - and if you have photos you’d like to include please email them to me at [email protected]

Kyle Hill - Socks t-shirt
Shawn Watts - Rival Sons t-shirt
Celeste Vaillancourt - Rival Sons t-shirt
Nicole Allan - Gloryhound t-shirt (white)
Ryan Frank - Gloryhound t-shirt (black)
Roger Roussey - Mint Records cloth shopping bag
Tracy Rannick - Whitehorse t-shirt
Maureen Murphy - Whitehorse t-shirt
Dan Ostojic - Young and Sexy 7″ single
Aaron Averil - The Organ - 7″ single
Spencer Charlton - CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation Vol 2 LP


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