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THE CADILLAC THREE third studio album COUNTRY FUZZ on Big Machine Records is slated for release February 7, 2022 with tour dates across the globe previewing some of the new tunes.

“We’ve spent the last two and a half years working on this album but our sound even since high school has always been the epitome of COUNTRY FUZZ – Country, Rock and just a little bit of Funk.” – Jaren Johnston (Guitar & Lead Vocals).

TC3 produced 15 of the 16 tracks on COUNTRY FUZZ with Dann Huff attributed on “Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys,” a song the band wrote with their crew on the road, while ESPN/ABC is featuring “All The Makin’s Of A Saturday Night” on College Football broadcasts throughout the season. Their music hovers between radio‐ready Country anthems, hard‐and‐heavy Rock ballads and traditional Southern folk. Funneling their Southern‐to‐the‐core sensibilities into their own catalogue, TC3 has cuts for Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert and Steven Tyler.


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