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The Show with David Burrows # 121

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This week
David get’s a new Iphone!
Indiefest announces dates for 2014!
Recap with Tanya Marie Harris.
George Webber takes the stage with Jeff Black and friends!

The Music Scene:
Chelsea Crites joins us for an interview about her music and shares a story about William Shatner!

In The Community.
Pool Players from Sarnia claim winnings at the OVNEA provincial championships in London!
Winners include Linda Vanden Broecke April Greenbird Nadine Riley BobbyJo Monague

Also Will Jacobs Tony Jacobs Dennis Hanley Jim Bruner
and many others

Hari Srinivasan from the team “UNLUCKY” talks about how he and his team mates Stan Black Nibs Bucci, & Derek Starks won the Mens Bronze division!

Win tix to 4th Annual Campbell Street Station Reunion with KIM MITCHELL!

Local events!
A special announcement about “The Show” expanding again!
Watch it online at


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