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The Show with David Burrows # 197

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the show oct sqPublished on Aug 11, 2021

Opening Segment:
First Friday Events, Special mention to local band ‘BIG HIGHWAY’
AN interview with NDP leader Jason McMichael
Photos from the 5th annual international powerboat festival.

The Entertainment Scene:
Winners of INDIEFEST 2015 ‘OPUS REX’ invite us to the Johnny Warrent studios where they are currently working on their new CD to be released soon. The Band talks about their learning curves and their intentions for the new CD.

In The Community:
Many children want to play and excel at sports. Unfortunately not all children can afford to play. Graham Holmes, founder of Empower Play has a solution. Several special events are planned to raise funds for the children in the community. Graham Holmes shares the details of how you can get involved.

Apps with Mark Russell:
Ever wonder what the lyrics to a song mean?


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