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The Show with David Burrows # 229

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the show oct sqPublished on Mar 22, 2022

Opening Segment:
Rock for Dimes at Brownstones
A call out for help to STOP vandalism in our city!

The Entertainment Scene:
Local videographer and theatre member, Ian Alexander is preparing for ‘CINEMADVENTURE’ Ian talks about his previous production of ‘CINEMADNESS’ and how it has led him to the next part of his production journey. Ian also mentions his mentor, ‘George Wood, Jr.’ and how he was influenced at an early age to participate in theatre. Alexander is inviting the public to join him for auditions to participate in the upcoming production.

In The Community:
‘Sarnia Speaks’ a local community group will be talking about the daily life of dealing with mental illness. Danielle Cooper shares how people can attend a free upcoming event to hear the stories of 4 community members and their daily struggles with the illness. Cooper also shares some of her personal story, and the importance of the ‘Sarnia Speaks’ event.

Apps with Mark Russell:
‘SLACK’ a better way to communicate in groups.

Closing Segment:
MMA returns to Sarnia.
SWIFF to celebrate National Canadian Film Day.

More local events and videos at


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