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THE SHOW with DAVID BURROWS # 93 Trews 54/40…

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Published on Aug 14, 2021
An exciting week.
All access at the 3rd annual Can-Am Powerboat races.
A meet and greet with “The Trews” exclusive video footage and pics from their show!

Also backstage and meet & greet with 54-40! More exclusive footage including performances from Sarnia band “RETROSPECT”

A very special interview with “Anthony DuPree” (My longtime friend) from Big Pappa & The Machine. Anthony gives David a Kiss! LOL!

The “Bluezzmann” “John D’Amato” from Memphis Tennessee joins us for an exclusive Skype interview! John D’Amato is #1 on reverbantion for blues out of Memphis!

Also special mentions to: Diversion entertainment presenting “The Wedding Singer”
Cornerstone to plat at Cravins Chill & Grill, Markurs to celebrate his 21st at “The Sidebar”

More on “INDIFEST” and The Youth Talent Showcase! Also more about the evening performances with “Southern Fryed Inc.”, “IronShirt”, “Abandoned Souls”, “Zealots Desire” & “EVERGLO”


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