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The Show with David Burrows Eps. 80

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Published on May 16, 2022
This week…
St. Clair Secondary School Musical Theatre performs “A Family Affair”
Special mention to Erin Gabriel!

Footage from “Hotel California” A tribute to “The Eagles” performing at “The Stubborn Mule”

Blackburn Radio and Sarnia “RIBFEST” ask for help from the Sarnia community to help break the world record for the most people playing “Air Guitar”

Information about events and music at Sarnia Ribfest 2013 father’s day weekend!

An auction at Cheeky Monkey on May 18th to support local artist Jessie J. Rabbit 1-3pm

Also getting ready for INDIEFEST part 3 at The Stubborn Mule May 18th with Leigh Coltman, Markurs, EVERGLO & Running Red Lights!


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