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Just a year-and-a-half after Thousand Foot Krutch landed their second consecutive Hard Rock No. 1 and Billboard Top 10 album with the understated experiment OXYGEN: INHALE, the adrenaline-doused rockers are back to the aggressive side of the dial with the entirely new companion collection EXHALE. Not only is the experience loaded with arena-shaking anthems and bellowing battle cries at every self assured turn, but the lyrics are some of the boldest and most uncompromising in the group’s history.

“I had gotten the idea a few years back of having Inhale showcase the lighter, quieter side of the band and then have EXHALE drop the gloves and dive even deeper into the aggressive side,” explains front man Trevor McNevan. “We didn’t get soft on the last one. We were just trying to do something different and I’d call EXHALE the older brother to Inhale. It really documents who TFK is and what we love about rock, aggressive music and hip-hop. It’s really just a melting pot of music, but it’s also very true to the nature and heart of the band. I’m a big fan of Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Royal Blood and any really cool, funky riff rock. It’s the stuff that lights the wick and explodes!”

Besides bursting out of the stereo and ear buds upon the initial listen, EXHALE is also poised to rip off the roof in concert. In fact, McNevan, bassist Joel Bruyere and drummer Steve Augustine specifically crafted the collection to translate seamlessly between the two environments, rather than over producing the songs in a manner that would be impossible to duplicate.

One instant point of connection from the studio to the stage is the lead single “Running With Giants,” which in light of being the fastest chart riser in TFK’s history, has thus far been met with feverish live reactions. And it’s easy to see why given its unapologetic, gate-charging bursts of infectiousness, paired with an assertive message to empower even the most unlikely underdog.

“If there was a song that best encompasses the ‘release the dogs’ symbolism of the new album’s title, it would be this one,” notices McNevan. “In life, everyone wants to put you in a box, and label you. This song’s saying ‘forget about what others think, they don’t know what’s best for you. Follow your own convictions, dreams and inspirations. Your value or success doesn’t depend on what others think of you. You’re worth more than that.’”

Since going independent 5 years ago, TFK have sold an astounding 350,000 albums, a million singles, amassed over 1 million Facebook likes, garnered 54 million streams, and tallies about 25,000,000 monthly views in combined streaming across all of YouTube.


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