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Trivia Q & A # 11 - 2016

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Q. Husband and wife, Terry and Susan Jacks, had their biggest hit with “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?” What was the name of their band?

A. The Poppy Family

Seventeen-year-old Susan Pesklevits met Terry Jacks in the mid-1960s while she was a regular performer on the national teen TV show Music Hop as well as many other national TV shows. She later called Jacks to accompany her on rhythm guitar for one of her live performances and eventually, with the addition of Craig McCaw on lead guitar, although she continued to make solo television appearances, Susan decided to dedicate all her live performances to the newly formed trio. The name Poppy Family was chosen when Susan, Terry and Craig were searching for a new name and came across it in the dictionary. Susan and Terry were married in 1967 and Susan Pesklevits became Susan Jacks. Craig McCaw later introduced Satwant Singh on tablas and the Poppy Family’s unique sound was complete.


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lol; can’t trick me on that one