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Trivia Q & A # 34 - 2015

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sept 4 meat loatQ. American musician Michael Lee Aday is better known by what stage name?

A. Meat Loaf

There are varying stories about how the man born Marvin Lee Aday became Meat Loaf. But names aren’t that huge of a deal for the musician, who changed his real name to Michael Lee Aday back in 2010.
While the singer has been reluctant to discuss the origins, the two most frequent stories are that his father called him ‘Meat’ as a young child because of his size, and then later, when he attended school and began to play football, his classmates and coaches added the “Loaf.” The singer credited his father with the moniker in his ‘To Hell and Back’ autobiography.
From school he would go on to form his first band, Meat Loaf Soul, and by the time he moved on to other projects the stage name had stuck.
After a short stint in LA, Meatloaf moved to New York and earned a slot in a musical called sept 4 meat“More than you Deserve”, written by a classically trained pianist named Jim Steinman, which then led to an appearance in the 1976 cult movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.
Steinman and Meatloaf enjoyed working together so much that they teamed up on a satirical musical update of the Peter Pan story called “Never Land”. Though that idea never fully materialized, most of what began as the Never Land project eventually ended up on Meatloaf’s 7 times platinum 1977 debut album called “Bat out of Hell”.


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