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Trivia Q & A # 41 - 2019

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Q. Who is the David Gilmour song “A Boat Lies Waiting” a tribute to?

A. The lyrics are a tribute to Gilmour’s Pink Floyd bandmate and keyboardist Rick Wright, who died in 2008. “(My wife) Polly (Samson) wrote those words which sort of bring Rick to mind really,” said Gilmour.
This features backing vocals by both Graham Nash and David Crosby. The CSN legends also sang on the title track of Gilmour’s previous album 2006’s On An Island.
The song opens with a recording of Rick Wright talking about death:
It’s like going into the sea
There’s nothing

Gilmour told Mojo magazine: “The rolling piano was a bit like waves, and Rick’s big thing was sailing. He practically lived on his boat, sailing across the Atlantic. He was an old salt by nature.”


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