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Trivia Q & A # 7 2014

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Q.  What slogan was seen on numerous bumper stickers prior to The Beatles first U.S. tour?


Five million bumper stickers graced five million cars: “The Beatles Are Coming!” they proclaimed. “The Beatles Are Coming!” All across America, the British band was wildly anticipated.

The orange & white Capitol promotional “teaser” stickers are among the earliest known items of Beatles memorabilia. The 3″ x 2″ stickers were designed to be placed by Capitol salesmen on “any friendly surface as you walk down the street”. This was part of Capitol’s initial January 1964 Beatlemania blitz to promote the release of the Meet The Beatles album and I Want To Hold Your Hand single. The stickers were made in large quantities in rolls of 250, and very few unused stickers exist today.




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